So I killed off Linluan

So I killed off Linluan off; I got him roaring drunk and made an ass of myself around the pier, almost getting into fights with people and being a roaring drunk. After I had switched everything I drowned Linluan body in the ocean outside the city where sharks were at. I really role played the characters.
**sigh** It would be nice to sign back up and play again. Actually I have tried, but I can’t find my EverQuest CD. I gave it to Serraphto hold but she says that she doesn’t have it anymore. It’s probably a good thing though,
Actually there is one more site that I think had a snapshot of me next to Mammoth (this huge grizzly bear), but the site just moved to a new server and the profiles aren’t up yet.
O.K. Enough reminiscing. Time to finish this paper….
Current mood: nostalgic
Current music: Love Lines on my USB Radio

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