Talona’s Story….

Here i am in Freeport, huddled under an empty tent on the outskirts of town, with only stolen equipment to keep me company. How did I end up here….
It started when I had finally had enough of my abusive stepdad beating on me, treating me wrong. We had a small farm out in the western Commonlands. It’s wasn’t much, but it was ours. Mom died when I was 8 trying to defend the farm from a pack of how was I suppose to frighten away a pack of wolves. Anyway, 8 years of abuse was enough for me, so I got up and left for the big city.
I was full of all hopes and dreams that Erollisi Marr, Mithaniel Marr, and the other good gods would look down and protect me and guide me. But the gods seemed to be busy else where. With no money, no food, and no where to go, I had no choice but to sell my body in order to survive. If anything, it was worse that the life that I had run away from. For 2 years, I lived the life of a whore, with no care for anything in the world. One day beaten and abused, I looked into the mirror and saw myself, and I was horrified and what I had become. I wanted to change myself and free myself from the chains that had shackled me. So I ran to the Temple of Marr hoping that the priests of the temple could help me to save my soul. But they took one look at me and only saw a filthy prostitute soiling their holy ground. I cried and fought them to let me into the temple, but a couple of their paladins grabbed me and threw me out of the temple grounds. Not knowing what to do, I went to the docks. Sitting at the docks, crying, I wondered what I would do with my life. Suddenly, from behind, someone grabbed me. I turned around to see a drunken half-elf talking to me. All i clearly remember was that his name was Linluan. But at the time, all I could see was another drunken man who wanted to use and abuse my body. Has rage flowed within me, I decided that no man would take my body again without my permission. I pulled out my dagger and started to attack me. He must have been an adventurer, because he easily pulled my little dagger from my hands and tossed it. Has we struggled around, I tripped and fell on him and we both fell down. Has I started beating on him, I noticed that he had stop attacking me. Has I stopped and got up, I saw that he had falled on my dagger that he had tossed away, and had died. I a dazed, i stripped him naked and tossed him body into the ocean. Hopefully the sharks will have finished him off by now. I ran off into the sewers with all of this stuff, lost and confused. I ran until I collapse in a heap. I cried out for anyone who could help me, I would give anything if only someone could help me. In the darkness that surrounded me, a prescience came to me in the form of glowing red eyes. He told me of my faults; that Love and kindness are tools for those too ignorant to know what they want or too cowardly to do what is necessary to obtain it. It is only through the total disdain of your enemies that you can gain true power over them. Pity and mercy have no power when confronted with contempt and viciousness. that with hate strong enough they could destroy all of Norrath and control my own destiny. If I would follow him, he would give me the power that I needed and deserved. I put on the item that I had stolen off of Linluan’s body and followed the eyes though the sewers and under Freeport until I came to a group of people. From this group, a man came to me and so began, my new life has a Shadow knight to my new father Innoruuk, Prince of Hate.
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