Daily Archives: March 13, 2001

God, this day feels like

God, this day feels like it has been a nightmare. But I am still alive, so I guess I have survived it. Got a letter from the dean about my situation, so hopefully I won’t get evicted. I am having second thoughts about moving out of here. Even though I’ve had to put up with alot from the management, the convence is a major consideration, regardless of the price increase. Anyway, I turned the letter in, so hopefully I won’t get evicted.
I can feel the sypmtons of depression starting to dance around me. I am fighting it off for now, but it is hard. I mean, I got home today and just wanted to cry so bad. It didn’t help me watching Dr. Phil on Oprah. **sigh** Lucky, Sessme Street was on and that cheered me up a bit (I know; I know I am such a little child sometimes. But I think that sometimes, you just need to let go of the present and go back to your childhood. Maybe on Thursday, I’ll take a trip to the Children’s Center and watch the children play. It’s like going to the zoo kinda; the kids are in their playground playing around, with a fence seperating you from them. And it has the same rules; don’t stick your hand in the gate and don’t feed them. This probably sounds sick, but I think it is very theraputic.
Well, I am off to shave my head. I think this time I am going to leave the moustache and the goatee. I am also going to pick up that light that I’ve been talking about getting . SFSU is usually pretty foggy since we are close to the ocean, and being in the darkness will not help my depression. the two lightst that I have really don’t luminate the room that much. And then tonight I want to finish my paper also. And I will talk to Suzanne and watch the Janet jackson Icon special on MTV. O.K. I gotta pee really bad.
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