Daily Archives: March 20, 2001

It’s Been A Long Time, Since I Left You With A Dope Beat….

And partly, I have been busy with things in the real world, like school, work, and a relationship with Serraph. But partly I have been avoiding LJ trying to ge t some distance between it for awhile. That lasted all of a few hours; let’s face it, I am a LJ Whore big time.
I trying decide on where I going, in regards to my life and everything surrounding it. That seems to be the general theme of most of the people on LJ. We look at the journals of other people, some who are like us, and try to gleam ideas and suggestions from them. We make friendship that are strong and true; we also get into fight that rival the arguments that we get into in real life.
With myself, I a slowly getting use to the idea that my life is going to be based around Serraph. It is a hard thing to do, esp. when the universe used to rotate around you. I am orbiting around her, but the orbit isn’t stabilized yet. But even though there are times that it is rocky, I still belive that we will one day have our synchonis orbits around each other for life.
But back to this journal. I’m not sure what I want to do with it. I actually re-activated my other two journals; tygreyesand tygger_sf. Eventually, I will be moving back to tygreyes. i am slowly building the tygreyes empire for myself. Unfortunaltely, I gave up tygreyes@yahoo.com and tygreyes@hotmail.com. Somebody had already snatched them up. Damn. I should never had deleted those accounts. It’s not like I would use them that often. I would probably just send my junk mail to them. **sigh** but still, it would make everything flow nice. I did register tygreyes.com; it’s linked to my geocities site right now. But I am looking for a web host to built my site on.
But I am getting off centered. I don’t know how I want to post on this journal. Do I want to just post stupid stiff and just ramble about nothing? Do I want to post what I’ve eaten? (I actually liked doing that, cause I could look back and see just what I was eating.) Or do I want to be retro and introspective about myself?
And then there is the question of my audience? Before I had enough traffic through April’sand Suzanne’sjournals since they had linked me as friends. Should I care that other people are reading this and should I cater to them? Then there is the question or hiding stuff, or making entries private. I kinda have a problem with it in that if it is private, then why post it. And I know that there are things that you might want some people to see and not others. I guess my thing is that the times that I have tried to make something private, I botched it up and it ended up causing more problems.
Hmmm….always more questions than answers. I kinda have an idea of how I want to handle this, but I am going to wait awhile. Partly because I still have too much school work for me to handle. And partly because I want to get some kind of web page done (as much as I like the Badz Maru theme going on Geocities.) And then partly to get myself ready to release my thoughts out on an unsuspecting world. I have so many things that I want to say, for things about myself, to Suzanne, to world events, to stuff that has happened to me on LJ and about other people on LJ. But I think for the moment, I want all of these thoughts to simmer in my head a little more.
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