Daily Archives: March 7, 2001

Back home taking a break

Back home taking a break from reading and studying. I just realize that I have a shit load of papers due soon. Go figure. Anyway, I found my id and cards, but I don’t feel like shopping tonight I think that it will just have to wait until this weekend. I might go and do some laundry tonight. I have to find out just how much money I have on my card. I think I only have $5, but I am not sure. That might be enough to get the job done.
I am amazed that I can’t keep my room clean this semester. It’s not a disaster area, but I would like the room a little cleaner. I also need to get the pictures up on the ceiling before the new roommate moves in. I think that I have enough to do the ceiling in a checkered pattern.
I am feeling really dirty from work, so I think that I will go and take a shower before I do some more studying.
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Something from this last weekend….

Your Weight: 200lb 14oz 
Ideal Weight: 160lb to 176lb 
Ideal weight is based on your inputs: 
Male           Medium Build 
6ft. 1in.        DOB: 04/24/74 
You are 24lb 14oz over your suggested ideal weight.
Your body currently burns 3273 calories daily
Decrease calorie intake by 750 calories a day to
calories a day with
fat grams or less.
It will take approx. 112 days
following suggested diet to change
current weight to your ideal weight.
Your Biorhythm 
Physical: Moderate     Emotional: High    
Intellectual: High 
Your approach to problems is ‘right on!’ just now and you’re sharp too. Making creative decisions and finding new solutions will be easy for you over the next few days. Stick to mental or social activities on a small scale. Don’t push.
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well, the day is getting

well, the day is getting a little better. Sent Peter off to the store to move some heavy boxes. I feel kinda sorry for whoever is in his way, cause he is grumpier than I am today.
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The Downward Spiral…..

I guess I don’t have to worry yet, but….
Woke up late today
Lost my cards (Drivers Licence, Check Card, Door Card, and Student ID)
Room is a mess
Toothbrush not working
Loss my newtork access
Paperwork still not in system
Peter is late
Tim is late (he called Peter, but I saw him driving in)
**sigh** I guess that it could be worse…and now that I said it, it probably will be.
**gets underneath the desk and covers his head**
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