Daily Archives: March 21, 2001

Bored at work right now…I

Bored at work right now…I have work that I should be doing; but I’m not. Instead, I’m playing Six Degrees of LiveJournal. It’s a game that I made up of my own. I click on the random link and then I try to get to someone on Livejournal thought that person’s friends list. There are three levels of dificulty. Usually, I play with April; a good number of people are linked to her and she is linked to other popular LJ’ers. Then sometimes, I play with Serraph, without going through April. That is harder than April, but not too much so. Every once in awhile, I try myself. For myself, it can be to any of my journals and they don’t have to been on a friends list, if they have posted that is enough.
This last round I did was pretty good. I went from someone who’s user number was in the 70,000’s to Matt, who was user #109. 10 fuckin 9. His journal went back to 1999. Damn. Then there was magicwoman who has 605 fiends listed. Damn….talk about just trying to read that thing; I’m sure she filters. From there it was easy to get to April and to Suzanne.
Anyway, I should get back to work.
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