Sometimes I Think About Dying

Moderately Annoyed

Porch thieves took off with my new air purifier just an hour after it was delivered. I’m kind of hoping it just that it actually hasn’t been delivered and I’ll get a knock on my door in the next hour or so. But did the usual run up and down the stairs, looking in every crevice of the apartment building hoping that the FedEx delivery person was just too tired/lazy to climb up to the third floor and left it somewhere on the other two floors. I did think about sending it to work, but I had seen other packages left on the neighbor’s front door for hours without getting stolen and thought that the issue was over. I was wrong apparently. Annoyed about it, but also exhausted from the week, so I’ll low-key stew about it with all the other issues going on in my life until I pass out and go to sleep.

…In Bed

USA TODAY’s Top Workplaces

#Ultragenyx has been recognized as one of USA TODAY’s Top Workplaces. This award is a reflection of our culture which strives to prioritize the wellbeing and growth of our team members first. Thank you to all our team members who made this recognition possible, and whose dedication to #GoBeyondEveryDay for #RareDisease families allow us to make a difference together.

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…In Bed

…In Bed

…In Bed

…In Bed

Sunday Breakfast

Morning breakfast at Marvin’s in downtown Novato before going to the visitor center for Leadership work. Was expecting it to be packed since I left the house late due to daylights saving time, but it not packed at all. Guess I’m not the only one affected by the time change.

Sigh…I think I’m ready for my experiment in civic duty to be over. I am just not cut out for it. And not management material to my company, apparently. Depression talking but that’s what I feel. Wonder if this is going to turn into another Follett situation where we get bought out and I eventually get laid off. Wonder about that, but wonder if I will even make it to that point with the 2nd American Civil War looming in the back (more like middle) of my mind. Is it because I’m black that I fear it more than Barry does.

Don’t tell Vanessa…

…but I wish I would have got her in this color.