Rainy Sunday Morning

At Pure Grain for a rainy Sunday morning, half listening to the old men solving the problems of the world, in English and Spanish. Wanted Heritage house, but stayed in bed listening to the rain a little too long, wishing that I had company in my bed. **sigh** who’s fault is that? I wish that I was with her right now. Soon enough I guess, but I wish I could talk to her now. Twenty years and I still would be like the dog that finally caught the truck; “Now what?”

Nothing too exciting for today. Will force myself to work on the everlasting to-do list. Will see how long I can work before Marco’s boredom drives me out the house. Or I could always take some pills and sleep to dream the pain away.

That’s all the energy I have for posting really for now. I wish I had the energy to do more. Need to get motivated like the old men are saying.


Flowers outside Dawson Pub & Grill in Dixon

..In Bed

..In Bed

Mormon kids

Only Mormon kids could make laughing while reciting the Lord’s Prayer funny in a non disrespectful way.

I just really like Tigers, ok

This is how I know I made the right decision to work for Ultragenyx. They just get me.

Mormon dance circle

Some things never change from high school like Mormon dance circles full of white Mormon kids dancing to funk/soul 12” apart and giving zero fucks.

Eating alone …

…is still eating alone. Pandemic or not.


You’re… Taylor Swift!


You’re deep, emotional, and love to let out all your emotions to create art. You love experimenting… with all aspects of life, including music taste, aesthetics, and more.

You know how to persuade people with words and make people feel things, whether it be love, sadness, happiness, or anger.

Sometimes you can be aloof and dorky, but it’s all a part of your sweet charm. But you’re not always sweet. You definitely know how to bite.

The Book of Questions: Question #16

If at birth you could select the profession your child would eventually pursue, would you do so?

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