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Crawling out…

Trying to crawl out the pit that I’m in. It’s good that I’ve stop digging for the most part. But even with friends, getting out will be difficult at best. Should I be satisfied that I stop digging and learn to live in this hole that I’ve dug for myself?

..In Bed

..In Bed

I think I missed my chance…

The answers that I were afraid of are going to go with him to the grave.  Going to have to accept it and move on, whatever that entails.

100% Complete

Annotation 2019-08-23 230352

Its been awhile since I’ve done one of these, it took me awhile because of my online antisocial attitude, and tech with then new update I probably have more stuff to do.

The look…

When you are the only Black person in a space. Just how dangerous of a black personal are you. Is my Lorax/Treehugger shirt too threatening? Is there a table two spaces away or do we have to sit next to him. Maybe we can eat in the hot car outside. It won’t be that bad, right?

Kinda sad that I this is my entry after being gone for awhile. But racism waits for no black man.


Nature at work

I saw a caterpillar today….