Book Of Questions–Love & Sex: Question 175

Do you seek advice about romantic issues more or less than about other things in your life?  When you are in love, is outside opinion worthless because your feeling are so personal, or worth more because it is so easy for you to lose perspective?  How much do you trust your insights about what is best for someone else?

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At the counter at Shari’s waiting for my Thanksgiving steak dinner. Watching the chaos behind the counter is like watching Rush at the bookstore from a students point of view. My nearsightedness is really kicking in the last few days. I’m going to have to cave and get reading glasses. Sigh…should have ate more carrots I suppose. Too lazy to get my journal and pen out the car. Should I bother getting them a plate to eat, just in case? Who knows? Is this a taste of things to come in my future? I really shouldn’t future look and just try to stay in the present. But the present is so depressing and blurry. Will I be able to survive into the new year and get drugs. Will those drugs be able to