Daily Archives: March 29, 2001

**sigh** Just a little bit

**sigh** Just a little bit tired. I was waiting to see if Suzanne would call me, but she is either out or asleep. I wish that I had her schedule so I knew when she worked.
After work I went and got my cell phone activated. I was having second thoughts about it, but I went ahead and did it anyway. So then I goto the mall and a different cell phone place is selling two free phones, free long distance, and free cell-cell calls. It was a promotion that Suzanne and I looked at earlier this year, but I had forgotten about it. Oh well.
I aalso went shopping at Pacific Super and 99 Ranch Market. They are supermarkets that cater to Asians. I went to get so green tea I/C for Suzanne and ended up getting a shitload of stuff. I am def. stocked on food now. But it is funny when I goto these stores and people think it is strange that a black man is in an Asian store. and I always hear a Korean talking about me thinking that I don’t know what they are saying. I don’t know all the words that they are saying, but I can put bits and pieces together.
I was planning on writing more, but I am really tired and my roommate is trying to sleep. I warned him that I went to sleep late. But tonight, I will hit the sack a little early.
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