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I wonder if this was the what i’ve been sensing all day…

I’ve somehow lost my network connection. One minute I was trying to look at Suzanne’s journal, then next I couldn’t log onto anything. I tried everything I know, to no avail. Lucky, I still have the settings to the dial-up connection for the school. Heaven forbid if I have to install AOL to use. **shudders**
I won’t have time tommorow to bring it to the IT dept, so I guess it will have to wait until Thursday….
On a brighter note, Matt was able to open the bottle of Chocolate Cherry Liquer that Shawn gave me. I have been trying for months to open this bottle, and he does it in no time flat. I guess there is something to all the time he spends in the gym. Now I can make a cake and use the liquer in it. MMM MMMM!!!!
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I have a sense of

I have a sense of foreboding that I just can’t get rid off. I wish that whatever is going to happen, happens.
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CD Stats so far….

Most Played CD:
Enrique/Enrique Inglesias – 8 plays
David Gray/White Ladder – 6 plays
No Doubt/Return Of Saturn – 4 Plays
Olive/Extra Virgin – 4 plays
BT/ESCM – 4 Plays
The Phantom Of The Opera/Original Soundtrack – 4 plays
Robbie Williams and Charlotte Church are also climbing my CD charts…
That is all for now
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