Daily Archives: March 26, 2001

Work is going O.K. so

Work is going O.K. so far. The Monster C2F order is done, or at least my part. I thought that I had to go through all 300+ itms to see if their UPC were in the system, but my boss has already immersed herself in that deathwish. Yay! So now I will join Peter in the computer museum and finish the inventory. Mostly it’s all Apple IIC – IIE stuff. Fun stuff; reminds me of the software outlet where I worked at.
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One more thing….

If anybody is reading this, could you goto Color Cases and take a look at the cases that they have and let me know which one you like the best. I’ll try this poll feature out I guess. So just type the name of the case and then submit. Thanks.

What Computer Case From Color Cases Should Joe Get?
C1 – Marble
C2 – Knight
C3 – Concord
C4 – Next Black
C5 – Choice
C6 – USB
C7 – Hawk
C9 – Millenium
C10 – Pharaoh
C11 – Next Blue
C12 – Destroyer 21
C13 – USB II
C14 – Translucent I
C15 – Translucent II
C16 – Aqua Blue
C17 – Mask
C19 – Penguin
C20 – Kitty
C21 – Doggie
C22 – Neo Classic I
C23 – Romeo
C24 -Thunderbird
C26 – Neo Classic Plus
C27- The Authentic
C28 – Neo Classic III
C29 – Mirror

Hope this works…
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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go….

Another monday and another work/school week. I get Friday off, but I think that I am going to spen most of it catching up on reading and cleaning.
thought. I think I have a midterm in my reformation class tomorrow. Damn. And I still need to do my Beijing midterm tonight. **sigh**
I have to catch wrestling tonight. Not that too many people care, but the WWF bought WCW (another wrestling promotion). Basicly that means that the WWF is a virtual monopoly on television. The good thing is that there is the possibility for some dream matches. I know that wrestling is fake, but I believe that everybody should have a guilty pleasure or two. A little something that is kinda bad, but feels so good.
Not too many people posted last night. Maybe Sunday is a slow night for posting and this is the first time that I’ve noticed. I’m so lazy and just read other people’s friends list. Usually I stick to Serraph and Apriljoy’s and then I’ll do a random journal or two.
**sigh** There is this ugly order that I need to work on. It looks like an all day job and it looks like it’s going to have tons of mistakes. I better get started now. Blah…
It is such a beautiful day outside though. When the guys get back, there will def. be a stickball game going on.
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**yawn** I was waiting for

**yawn** I was waiting for Suzanne to get online, but it looks like she has come and gone already. Anyway, I had a good weekend; didn’t go to Monterey, but still had fun. I might fill in the details tomorrow at work.
Finally got the financial aide check deposited, so this week I need to search and purchase the parts to my new computer. The big question is what kind of case I want to get. There is a selection of cases at Color Cases. If anybody wants to help me out, they can go to the site and looks at the cases at tell me which case they think that I should buy. Just leave a comment with the name of the case you like the best.
O. K. The roommate is not here, so I am going to play some music while I go to sleep. I am exhausted. blah….
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