**yawn** I was waiting for

**yawn** I was waiting for Suzanne to get online, but it looks like she has come and gone already. Anyway, I had a good weekend; didn’t go to Monterey, but still had fun. I might fill in the details tomorrow at work.
Finally got the financial aide check deposited, so this week I need to search and purchase the parts to my new computer. The big question is what kind of case I want to get. There is a selection of cases at Color Cases. If anybody wants to help me out, they can go to the site and looks at the cases at tell me which case they think that I should buy. Just leave a comment with the name of the case you like the best.
O. K. The roommate is not here, so I am going to play some music while I go to sleep. I am exhausted. blah….
Current mood: tired
Current music: Counting Crows – Anna Begins

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