Whew…that was fun. The last

Whew…that was fun. The last game of the expo stickball league. I lost, but I was getting tons of hits. I just need to get the ball over the fence now. My pitching also needs some work. It sucked that the wind was blowing and the tape balls were lighter than usual. But I know that I have the worse pitching out of the three of us. I also suck at hitting, I’m just lucky when it comes to that. Acutally after the first two swings at bat, I had to call a time out cause I was peeling skin on my thumb. Damn that stung like a mother fucker. I def. need to find the gloves now.
Well, everything is pretty much done here at the warehouse. The guys forgot some stuff, so I think that I’m going to take off to deliver it and take a quick shower before Suzanne gets here,
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