Taking a break from work.

Taking a break from work. It’s been a pretty good day so far. Me and the guys have gotten alot of shit done here today. When they get back, it’ll be game 3 of the expo season here at Egbert Field. Tim lost to Peter 5-4 today. I’m hoping I can get a win here to come in 2nd for the standings.
The only thing is that I am feeling really sore and tired. I think it is the Cafe Cooler from 7-11 that I had this morning that is making me tired. The Cafe Cooler is like a Baskin Robbins Cappicino Blast, except the Cafe cooler is more coffee tasting and is better blended. I was nursing that all morning and now i’m getting the sleepies. Maybe I should take a nap before the guys get here.
Well, the firs night with the new roommate was O.K. I have to get into that whole -sharing a room with someone else- mode. I should take pictures of all the guys now that the apt is filled. I wonder if he was pissed at me this morning when I was getting ready for work. I wasn’t loud or anything, but I was moving around and stuff. **sigh**
I’m having dinner with Suzanne and her mom tonight and then we are going to Monterey this weekend. WhooHoo!!!!! The only thing is that it is suppose to rain this weekend. Oh well, if it does, I’m sure that we can find something to do in the hotel (heh, heh). We will be back on Sunday to catch the Oscars and to watch drunk ass Joan Rivers and her no-talent daughter Melissa. God, I miss Shawn and Marie; we used to watch Joan on E! every show and just be rolling in laughter. I hope that they are doing O.K.
Been trying to talk to my parents all this week, but I keep on missing them. Talked to Eric so I know that everything is O.K. I guess I’ll try next week.
I still have my Beijing stuff to do and then next week I have a midterm in my Reformation Class 😛 I’m glad that I have next friday off. I probably still spent it with Suzanne, but I will probably spnet the day catching up on reading.
O.K. the guys are back, time to get ready for some stickball. God, I love this job.
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