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And then the roller coaster goes into another corkscrew….

Well, it looks like I am getting another roommate sooner than later. The guy who is going to share my double (It’s still my room; god that will have to change) just came over to let us know that he is moving in tomorrow. And the icing on this cake is that the guy is some peon bastard that used to work at the bookstore that I didn’t particularly care for. Once again, this supports my theory that God is an ex-girlfriend that I fucked over big time in a previous life. You just wait your turn God, just wait until I get reincarnated as God. Then I’ll show you ironic.
So what to do? I have to clean the room up now. But I wonder if the single person is moving in also. If he isn’t then maybe I can stick the new guy into the single room and keep the double to myself. God, it’s going to take me all night to get this room cleaned up.
OK, I was going to try and weather this headache, but now I think it’s time to bust out the alcohol. **sigh** 30 min until Temptation Island. Oh it ought to be good.
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Talk about taste in music….

CD’s that I ordered from CDHQ:
Robbie Williams/The Ego Has Landed
Ricky Martin/Ricky Martin
Moby/Songs 1993-1998
3 Doors Down/The Better Life
Charlotte Church / Charlotte Church
Then add the CD’s that I got at the Virgin Megastore in Sacramento:
David Grey/White Ladder
Various Artists/Phuture Tech Trance Volume 1
Ans I am just all over the music scene. I am lacking a bit in some genres. Next time I go CD shopping I need to pick up some classical, some country, and maybe some jazz.
I saw Amber today and she is looking better than I thought she would. It just seems like when things happen to Amber, they are 10x as devastating as things that happen to me. I hope and pray that she will be okay when she leaves for Washington tomorrow.
Still can’t get through to my parents. I think I will wait until later tonight and see if I can get through on the phone lines.
Got another letter from the Village Admin that we are getting new roommates soon. Hmmm. I was in the office picking up my CD’s and I heard that there are some people that are in their apartments by themselves. OMG!!!!! Actually, I think I like it that Matt is here, cause when I was by myself those 2-3 weeks before school started, it was kinda weird. I hope that we get just one more person. Then that person can have the other single room and I will get the double to myself. I wonder if I should even try to organize my room or should I just wait until this weekend and see if I am getting a roommate.
I am trying to be happy today, but with the earthquake and worrying about my parents, I just wasn’t in the mood to be happy. The bill that I got for my Metro didn’t help either. $150 for two new tires and to fix a flat on the spare. Labor was $100. OMG!!!! I am so in the wrong business. Hmmm, well at least it was on payday. But I still have to pay the creditors, car insurance, and state taxes. And Rolling Stones; and CDHQ for shipping on my free CD’s. Bills, Bills, Bills.
I am starting to feel hungry, so I think I will see what I can russle up in the kitchen
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Whew….Got an email from Dad.

Whew….Got an email from Dad. Everybody is O.K. The only thing that happened is that the TV upstairs fell out of the cabinet, but it didn’t break. I just glad that everything is ok and nobody is hurt. He says that it felt stronger than the 89 earthquake that we had here. Probably because they are closer to the epicenter.
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**sigh** I am getting so

**sigh** I am getting so stressed out over this. They (my family) have been through earthquakes before. It’s not like they wouldn’t know what to do. But I wish I was there to make sure that they were O.K. Like I would be able to stop an earthquake. I just wish that I could get through on the phones to them. AARRGGHHH. I am making myself sick with worry
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An earthquake in Seattle

And I can’t get a hold of my parents…I’m sure that they are O.K. But still, I am nervous and I hope that I can get through to them soon.
**sigh** Once again it looks like I’m headed down on the rollercoaster that is my life. Let’s see if the ride will level out; or will it go into a corkscrew or a loop de loop
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I don’t believe that I

I don’t believe that I cried through most of Mulan. God, am I pitiful.
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Well, the room is rearranged….

I don’t like it.
But I am too tired to put it back the way that it was before. SO I will just have to learn to live with it.
And doing this project has done the opposite effect that I wanted, because now I feel fat and ugly.
And I have a raging headache….
And I just sooooooooooooo want to go on a rampage right now, just to hurt people left and right.
But I wont; I’ll just finish cleaning my room and deal with the headache. Maybe a DVD will help me.
Fuck that, I think that I want to just stay enraged and pissed off. Then tomorrow is Happy Wednesday so I’ll just be really really happy tomorrow and forget about this night.
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Is it me, or is

Is it me, or is anyone else thinks that First Lady Laura Bush looks scary
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I feel ugly….. I also

I feel ugly…..
I also have an headache, but that’s a whole different story.
My room is a mess an I have to decide on how I am going to arrange it. I was glancing through some feng shui books at Borders and got some ideas, but I need to get everything out of the room first, so I have room to work with.
I called Amber at work and she told me that a friend of hers has died. I told her that I would work Thursday so she could go to the funeral. I’m O.K. in my classes except for my Aikido class. I will def. have to go to both classes now. (I slept in today for the first class.)
Speaking of classes, I got a C on my paper. I am either one of the luckiest people on the earth or maybe I’m not that bad of a writer and am just too self critical of myself. Naw, I am just a lucky sonofabitch.
There are things that I should talk about and things that I should face, but I will not. Not right now anyway.
It seems that sometimes that I am too insensitive to things and then sometimes I am too sensitive to things.
Since I am going to brood on thing of the past, I might as well cook dinner while I am brooding. And then later, maybe I can push it aside enough so that I can rearrange my room.
Once again, I feel ugly
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My Chaos….

My room is in complete chaos right now. It looks like it’s the first day that I was here and that I am in the process of moving in. Hmmm, maybe I should have waited until the weekend to do this. Well, no turning back now. Anyway, I should be out the door now and on my way to class. I guess I can plan my room out in class. Actually, I think that the only thing that I should have done was the put the keyboard and the mouse in the keyboard drawer on the desk, where they wouldn’t be able to reach the bed. They are currently on the desk. Hmmm, oh well, I’m sure that I will figure something out. O.K. I need to git to class.
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