I feel ugly….. I also

I feel ugly…..
I also have an headache, but that’s a whole different story.
My room is a mess an I have to decide on how I am going to arrange it. I was glancing through some feng shui books at Borders and got some ideas, but I need to get everything out of the room first, so I have room to work with.
I called Amber at work and she told me that a friend of hers has died. I told her that I would work Thursday so she could go to the funeral. I’m O.K. in my classes except for my Aikido class. I will def. have to go to both classes now. (I slept in today for the first class.)
Speaking of classes, I got a C on my paper. I am either one of the luckiest people on the earth or maybe I’m not that bad of a writer and am just too self critical of myself. Naw, I am just a lucky sonofabitch.
There are things that I should talk about and things that I should face, but I will not. Not right now anyway.
It seems that sometimes that I am too insensitive to things and then sometimes I am too sensitive to things.
Since I am going to brood on thing of the past, I might as well cook dinner while I am brooding. And then later, maybe I can push it aside enough so that I can rearrange my room.
Once again, I feel ugly
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