And then the roller coaster goes into another corkscrew….

Well, it looks like I am getting another roommate sooner than later. The guy who is going to share my double (It’s still my room; god that will have to change) just came over to let us know that he is moving in tomorrow. And the icing on this cake is that the guy is some peon bastard that used to work at the bookstore that I didn’t particularly care for. Once again, this supports my theory that God is an ex-girlfriend that I fucked over big time in a previous life. You just wait your turn God, just wait until I get reincarnated as God. Then I’ll show you ironic.
So what to do? I have to clean the room up now. But I wonder if the single person is moving in also. If he isn’t then maybe I can stick the new guy into the single room and keep the double to myself. God, it’s going to take me all night to get this room cleaned up.
OK, I was going to try and weather this headache, but now I think it’s time to bust out the alcohol. **sigh** 30 min until Temptation Island. Oh it ought to be good.
Current mood: aggravated
Current music: Robbie Williams – Angels

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