Talk about taste in music….

CD’s that I ordered from CDHQ:
Robbie Williams/The Ego Has Landed
Ricky Martin/Ricky Martin
Moby/Songs 1993-1998
3 Doors Down/The Better Life
Charlotte Church / Charlotte Church
Then add the CD’s that I got at the Virgin Megastore in Sacramento:
David Grey/White Ladder
Various Artists/Phuture Tech Trance Volume 1
Ans I am just all over the music scene. I am lacking a bit in some genres. Next time I go CD shopping I need to pick up some classical, some country, and maybe some jazz.
I saw Amber today and she is looking better than I thought she would. It just seems like when things happen to Amber, they are 10x as devastating as things that happen to me. I hope and pray that she will be okay when she leaves for Washington tomorrow.
Still can’t get through to my parents. I think I will wait until later tonight and see if I can get through on the phone lines.
Got another letter from the Village Admin that we are getting new roommates soon. Hmmm. I was in the office picking up my CD’s and I heard that there are some people that are in their apartments by themselves. OMG!!!!! Actually, I think I like it that Matt is here, cause when I was by myself those 2-3 weeks before school started, it was kinda weird. I hope that we get just one more person. Then that person can have the other single room and I will get the double to myself. I wonder if I should even try to organize my room or should I just wait until this weekend and see if I am getting a roommate.
I am trying to be happy today, but with the earthquake and worrying about my parents, I just wasn’t in the mood to be happy. The bill that I got for my Metro didn’t help either. $150 for two new tires and to fix a flat on the spare. Labor was $100. OMG!!!! I am so in the wrong business. Hmmm, well at least it was on payday. But I still have to pay the creditors, car insurance, and state taxes. And Rolling Stones; and CDHQ for shipping on my free CD’s. Bills, Bills, Bills.
I am starting to feel hungry, so I think I will see what I can russle up in the kitchen
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