Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go….

Another monday and another work/school week. I get Friday off, but I think that I am going to spen most of it catching up on reading and cleaning.
thought. I think I have a midterm in my reformation class tomorrow. Damn. And I still need to do my Beijing midterm tonight. **sigh**
I have to catch wrestling tonight. Not that too many people care, but the WWF bought WCW (another wrestling promotion). Basicly that means that the WWF is a virtual monopoly on television. The good thing is that there is the possibility for some dream matches. I know that wrestling is fake, but I believe that everybody should have a guilty pleasure or two. A little something that is kinda bad, but feels so good.
Not too many people posted last night. Maybe Sunday is a slow night for posting and this is the first time that I’ve noticed. I’m so lazy and just read other people’s friends list. Usually I stick to Serraph and Apriljoy’s and then I’ll do a random journal or two.
**sigh** There is this ugly order that I need to work on. It looks like an all day job and it looks like it’s going to have tons of mistakes. I better get started now. Blah…
It is such a beautiful day outside though. When the guys get back, there will def. be a stickball game going on.
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