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If anybody is reading this, could you goto Color Cases and take a look at the cases that they have and let me know which one you like the best. I’ll try this poll feature out I guess. So just type the name of the case and then submit. Thanks.

What Computer Case From Color Cases Should Joe Get?
C1 – Marble
C2 – Knight
C3 – Concord
C4 – Next Black
C5 – Choice
C6 – USB
C7 – Hawk
C9 – Millenium
C10 – Pharaoh
C11 – Next Blue
C12 – Destroyer 21
C13 – USB II
C14 – Translucent I
C15 – Translucent II
C16 – Aqua Blue
C17 – Mask
C19 – Penguin
C20 – Kitty
C21 – Doggie
C22 – Neo Classic I
C23 – Romeo
C24 -Thunderbird
C26 – Neo Classic Plus
C27- The Authentic
C28 – Neo Classic III
C29 – Mirror

Hope this works…
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