Oh man am I tired

Oh man am I tired and sore. I think it is the room; ever since Justin has moved in, the temperature in the room has been crazy. It ranges from being too hot to being too cold. I’m sure part of the reason is because my computer is on all day long. But I have to leave it on for the phone (I have a MS Cordless Phone) and the answering machine. Well, in a couple of weeks, I should have a new computer and maybe the heat won’t be so bad. Anyway, since the room is so hot, I have to leave the window open at night and have the fan running. My bed is next to the window, so at night I’m either too hot or too cold.
Anyway, I am still reminising over Everquest. I really want to sign up, but I have to remember that I’m moving out soon, and with that I’m losing my high speed internet. The next place I move too I will def. need to get either DSL or a cable modem. I need to talk to people to figure out where I am going to live after this semster.
O.K. I guess I need to so my face on the cameras. we got a Beanie Baby order in today. I guess I’ll go and recieve it.
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