15 min until I leave

15 min until I leave here. **blah** I am starting to feel tired again, but I still have approx 7 hours left in this day. **yawn** I might have to inject some caffiene.
I have to go home and clean up my room and get ready for dinner. I wonder if I should take a nap. Probably not; I wont wake up until late. Hopefully, I can make it up to Vallejo by 8pm. **crosses my fingers**
**yawn** Today was a pretty productive day, for me anyway. I got alot of stuff done and cleaned up. I think monday, I going to get the guys to start cleaning the other end of the warehouse. That will probably be the project of the week.
**yawn** O.K. Let me just get out of here before I fall asleep here in the warehouse.
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