Mew called me a little

Mew called me a little while ago. In the 15mins that we talk, I got so many things cleared up about shit that is going in my life. I am glad that I have a good friend like her in my life.
Well, reviews on Suzanne seem to be on the extremely positive. Yah! It looks like the next big group thing is St. Patrick’s Day. I have to talk with Suzanne to see what we have planned for that. It would be cool to hang with the group in Sac; I guess they have found a new bar to hang out at. But it would be nice to hang with Suzanne’s friends too, since we (well, I anyway) haven’t done that in a while. We’ll have to discuss…
The caffiene is slowly starting to wear off on me. The guys should be on their way to In & Out about now. Mmmmmm Double Double, fries and a shake. Oh yeah.
I feel that there is so much that I need to do. Actually, there is lots of stuff that I need to do. And I have lost focus on alot of the ideas and things that I was doing and working on at the begining of the year. I need to refocus myself and get back on track.
That why I deleted my friends list and disabled the comments. I think that I ws more focus and working on self development when the journal was still “secret”. I don’t know; I kinda wrestling about the whole journal concept. What is a journal? What can and can’t you say in a journal? Should you have secret entries that only certain people can read? I’m being really arrogant thinking that people are actually interested in my journal. It’s not like I’m a LJ celebrity like angelicdestiny, apriljoy, or imjustagirl. If anything, I’m the fuck up boyfriend of serraph that people like to bag on. (side note: who is the worse boyfriend; me or jag? Something that I’ve been thinking about today for some reason).
Even has I write this, I’m writing it like there is an audience reading it. I think that is what I have to change; I need to write it as an inner dialogue to myself. That why I disabled the comments. If some one feels that they need to comment on something that I say, then they can just email me.
Hmmm. I guess I need to get back to work. I hope the guys get here in one piece with the food. And get here soon.
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