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At the student center typing this out. I had to come up here to get some money for laundry. They are about to do an open house or some school thing here. People are looking at me, but haven’t kicked me out yet.
Anyway this weekend has been good times. Suzanne got here yesterday afternoon and we went to the Taco Bell on the beach in Pacifica. I know it sounds all romantic and all, but it was pretty cool. It’s alot better looking than most Taco Bells and we got to watch all of the surfers at the beach.
After that we headed for Japantown for a couple of hours of shopping. We really didn’t buy too much and once again Suzanne out shopped me. I got a card and a new rice scooper for my rice cooker. The thing that sucked was that it was just a regular one, and not the one with the ridges or grooves in it. Suzanne got her grandmother this cool tray with koi fishes on it and she got her sister a nice wire basket.
We were going to go and see Croutching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; but instead we came back to my place. We ended up taking pictures of me. Now everybody says that I am good looking and some have said that I should do modeling. I’ve never really believed then until I saw the pics that Suzanne took. OMG, she made me look GOOD!!!! Some of them will pop up on the new icons that she is making for me.
**sigh** other things happened too, but I still kindatired (O.K. Really Tired)and I need to get laundry done. I think that we might goto Berkeley if we have time and do a little shopping. I need to get my tiger-eye necklace fixed and we can look for a ring for her.

I don’t know I feel as if there are still some small dark clouds in the sky, but the weather is starting to clear up for me.
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