I have been sighing way too much today. It’s just been a really slow Monday and I am just so unmotivated. The computers were down at work, so I couldn’t really do any work today. I did straighten up the upstairs room with the accounting shit, but the stuff that I really needed to do is tedious and heavy; basically peon stuff. Well, on Wednesday, I’ll wrangle up some peons to lift the heavy boxes upstairs. **sigh** So what did I do today. Surf the web. Actually I didn’t even really do that, I just kinda zoned most of the day.
Got a letter today suggesting that I take summer classes to help with my G.P.A. blah…..It depends on how good I do in my classes. I won’t get A’s, but I should pass the classes. If I can get some B’s, then I should be above 2.0..
I have been neglecting this journal. I have had tons of stuff that I have wanted to post, but for some reason, I haven’t. I get distracted with something else and then I forget about it. And then, I just haven’t had that extra energy to put my thoughts onto the journal. I haven’t had the energy for a lot of things. **sigh**
Move on to something else….like the wicked cool icons that my girlfriend made for me.
Icon 1 Icon 2
Icon 3 Icon 4
Suzanne has such a good eye. I wish that I could take pictures as good as she can. I wish for a lot of things; I wish that I have web design skills like April; I wish I was as fit as Matt or Casey (my housemates); I wish that I was as easy going as Peter. We always want what other people possess. I guess I should be happy with the skills that I do have, except that sometimes I feel like I don’t have any. Don’t mind me, I’m just being sighy, poopy right now. Maybe that’s what I need; a good poop.
Waiting for Jason to e-mail me back so I can order the parts for my new computer. I still need to decide on the case; I am leaning to the Kitty case, which is kinda scary. I’ll have to decide by the end of the week. I want to order everything before I leave to see my parents so that by time spring break is over, I will have a computer. **sigh**
Working on my Hist Internet paper. Basically, we have to do a 10-12 page paper using a specific historical database sight. IT SUCKS. I don’t think that I can do it using just one site. But I am already behind on it (along with everything else)….blah….**sigh**
Way too much sighing and random, blah, blah, blah posting. O. K. like mamma says, if you have nothing to post, then don’t post at all.
Current mood: blah
Current music: Hockey Game on the television

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