Argh…..I will def. have to

Argh…..I will def. have to talk to my teacher tomorrow to help me with this paper. I just don’t know what to do my paper on. And I am tired of looking at Hist. documents.
I still have a big pile of laundry to do. I think that I will do it tomorrow morning. I can wash the clothes first thing in the morning and then put them in the dryer before I go to Aikido. Then they should be done when I get out.
I need to find a web host. I want one that supports FrontPage 2000, and with plenty of space. But I won’t need that much space and I don’t want to pay too much. Actually, I should work on the web page itself before I worry about a host.
The page is going nowhere. I’ve done some sketches and stuff, but I’m not liking any of my ideas. Blah…I still have a couple of ideas left, but I need to make a CD of pics for Suzanne to manipulate and to make me beautiful.
I need to get to a scanner so that I can finish scanning all of my photos. Mostly they are younger pics of me, but there are some high school and some Baskin Robbins pics. Maybe I should post some of them (the high school ones) to an alumni site.
I need to take some pics of my housemates. There are three of them…
Matt is a finance major who works at Wells Fargo in the city. He is a jock type kinda; he is into sports and he works out at the gym every night. He likes to walk around in his boxers and is kinda messy. He looks like that he might be gay (James Dean, A&F) but he is straight.
Casey used to race motorcross until he got into an accident and got seriously injured. He’s O.K., but he realized that he needed to get an education. So he is using his winnings to goto school. He is also pretty built and he also goes to the gym and rides and runs daily.
Justin is my actual roommate (the other two guys each have their own room) and just moved in a couple of weeks ago. Justin also works at Wells Fargo and is also a finance major. He is a cool guy, even though I have hardly seen him. And although he has the James Dean stuff and the sweater vests, I don’t think that he is gay.
All in all, a pretty group of people. Def. none of the drama that I’ve had with other roommates (i.e. Quetzal the bastard) I will have to take pictures tomorrow of everyone. Overall, I guess that Daniel was the best roommate that I had when I lived in the dorms. Reina and him were good friends to me; I wish I saw them more. I def. had the funniest time with Tim, Ben and Anders on the 15th floor of the residence Apartments before they closed. I did have problems with Tim and Ben at times, but I also had good times with them. Last semester was good times too with Randy and Mike, as long as Quetzal wasn’t in the apartment to ruin them. I’ll have to make a collage or something of my roommate sometime.
I don’t know….with these guys I def feel like the odd man out. It seems like they are all bonding with each other really well. Do I feel left out….I guess, but it’s not really bothering me as much. I got so much stuff going on right now with school and work and Suzanne that I really don’t care. But if I am going to stay here til I graduate, I will need to get to know everyone a little better.
O. K. I need to order some stuff. Actually I shouldn’t, but I am. Of course I need to get the new Escaflowne DVD’s, but I’m also going to order some stuff for people’s birthdays and just because.
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