Matt is out with a

Matt is out with a friend of his from Santa Barbara (I think). They were calling up another friend and the friend told them to call back in 10min after the end of Survivor. He was so pissed; I thought it was funny and sad.
I have never really gotten into the survivor craze. I did watch the last episode, which was good I guess. It was all dramady, esp. that speach at the end by Sue to Richard and the other girl.
But the whole Real World/Road Rules concept has been so over done. AND IT’S FAKE PEOPLE. It’s not like they are going to really die or something. The fucking camera man is muching on a Babe Ruth while taping these fools.
Anyway, that my rant on Survivor. My lovely girlfriend is home from work and I want to focus on her for a bit before I goto sleep
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