I am really tired, but

I am really tired, but I’m staying up to talk to Suzanne tonight. I really should have ate more; I only had two slices of pizza and a black cherry soda (and it tasted kinda like cherries). anyway, I talked to my advisor and I am all go to graduate after fall semester. WhooHoo!!! Now if I can just survive this semester. I have SO much reading to do. This weekend I am going to lock myself in the house and read and work on papers. I will take a break on Sat to go up to Fairfield to see my girl and to deposit some checks.
She still doesn’t understand that it takes me longer to learn stuff than she can. It’s true that I prcrastinate to the last minute too. But I’m getting better; I give myself 5 minutes now. 😛
Trying to get the price of the computer that I want down to $1000. It’s at $1250 right now for a AMD 1 GHZ. I’m trying to remember if I figured out the price for a monitor in it. Well, maybe next weekend, I will go out with Jason (Suzanne’s best guy friend, who is going to build it for me) to Fry’s and check out prices.
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