On a more personal note.

Years ago, when I moved from San Leandro to Vacaville, I went and got registered for school on the last day before Xmas break. The one thing that I remember is seeing a stunningly cute Asian girl.
That girl was April Joy Lopez.
At one point in my life, I came up with the theory that there are three true loves in one’s life. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I do know for a fact that April was one of them.
To recount the history that April and I have would require several collections of books to be written. And this is history that does not need to be recounted. What it would all come down to is that I have run the full gauntlet of emotions and feeling with April. However, there is one that has survived all that the two of us have thrown at it; From the euphoric highs of passionate love, to the fiery lows of unbridled hatred. And that one thing is friendship.
April Joy Lopez is one of those people that has touched my life and I am glad that she is still a part of it. On this 17th or April, I would like to wish her a happy birthday and hope this year is filled with joy and happiness.
**p.s.** Made this just for you to read; not sure if it is too flowery or not. Yes, I did have some alcohol tonight (needed something so I could handle Mike’s mom. If it’s too much, I’ll delete it.
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