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The Book of Questions – Question #2

Do you believe in ghosts or evil spirits? Would you be willing to spend a night alone in a remote house that is supposedly haunted? Continue reading

Roommate negotiations…

To recap, when I got home on Tuesday, there was a message on the whiteboard from Mike (my roommate) that he wanted to have a “chat” with me. So I go up to his room and talk to him, and he tells me that I am a good roommate, but he wants to stay in the place that we are at now ad not move. This is after four months of him knowing that I wanted to move…no, HAD to move because the rent was too much for me. Basicly, half of my monthly salary was going to rent; the other half was going to bills and I wasn’t able to save any money. The original plan was to find a new place, preferally at a apartment complex where the deposit would be cheaper. But if we moved into a house, then Mike agreed to take care of the deposit and I would pay him back my half of it later.
So he drops this on me, not 3-4 months before our lease is up. He doesn’t say anything last month, which would have given me some time to sell my body on the street to get some money. No, he tells me this a couple of weeks before our lease is up. And I’m talking about a little over two weeks before. So after a day of me freaking out about it and having “living in my car” flashes. I sat down with Mike and started negotiations.
Basicly, I have no choice but to stay here and to sign a year-long lease with Mike. The only other option is to hop from house to house and live in my car until I got money to move somewhere. Basicly, I just need 1 check and I could do it. So that would be about a month or two of bohemian living. Problem is that I have too much going on with work and I don’t want to have to deal with this.
So, the plan right now is for the two of us to sign a year long lease with Parc Merced (apts where we live) for $1600. That is a little less than what we pay now, and we are going to split that between us. We are also going to look for a third roommate to live downstairs in the living room, so we can split the rent three ways. I want to offer both the living room and dining room, but mike wants to try to have a living room of some kind. Whatever. Personally, I didn’t want to do this, but Mike has left me no choice. And then we got into an argument about the parking space. Mike wanted me to pay more for the bigger room. I said sure, but I wanted the parking space for myself. So we got into it about that.
So an hour and a half later, I think we get everything settled, and then Mike starts to argue that $800 is too much for him to pay. And I almost flip; after the shit that he has put me through, the LEAST he could do is split the rent with me. If anything, he should be paying more. I mean, he works less than 10/wk. and mommy/daddy pays is rent. Dad is a lawyer and his stepdad is some kind of neurologist or something.
So he is currently thinking about it. I gave him until this weekend, which should be enough time for him to think about it. The thing that he needs to decide is if he can find a roommate to move in with him in a short period of time because finals are comming up. If not, then he will be stuck with a $1800 rent all to himself.
**sigh** Hopefully I can get this taken care of this week. This just underscores what a precarious position I am in with my funds. I need to get some money saved so I won’t be in a position like this again.
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No talking on Trillian; def no Mechwarrior 4

I have to goto sleep, so I will talk about how tonight’s housing negotiations went tomorrow at work.
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