Daily Archives: April 9, 2003

I think this is the quote of the week:

“Fuck you for showing me how great love can be.”
-taken off of the fuck you list on Blurty
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Taking a step back and looking around….

**groan** I will pay today for staying up late and not getting any sleep. But I think even if I would have gone to bed early, I would have got little sleep.
From the shouts, cheers, news conferences, and analyist speaking, it sounds like we either got Saddam or Baghdad is ours. yay. I’m happy that this this might be plateauing out; I know this thing is FAR from over, but hopefully, it is along enough so that I don’t have to hear another news report from an “embedded” reporter. Maybe I’ll feel more after I get some rest.
Did I mention that I am seeing the Giants on Sun. vs. the Dodgers. Here are my seats:

Not a bad set of club level seats. Maybe I’ll be able to bring home a souvenir.
Anyway, analyzing the housing situation and the first thoughts that I have been having is trying to figure out how I can stay. I said before that I didn’t want to have a third roommate move into our living room. However, now I am seriously reconsidering it. I think mainly because I really don’t want to have to move my bed out (It was such a bitch to get it into my room in the first place). And if we could get a third roommate, I could save even more money. And three guys/one bathroom isn’t as bad as three girls/one bathroom.
The other thought is the “living in my car daydream/nightmare” that I’m always having it seems. However, if I did bum it from couch to couch for a month or so, I would def. have money saved. It’s not that I don’t make enough money to cover my bills. I do and I’m actually paying a little more on most of them, and not just the min payments. However, that’s all I’m doing, I got no money saved for long-term goals.
O.K. I wish have a sit down with Mike sometime this week to see if we can save our roommateship. Going to have to look at the schedule and juggle things around. Let me just get back to work
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Bad, Joe. Bad Joe.

What happened to me today:
Tim came in late, eyes diluted, couldn’t read. Funny watching him try to receive an order.
Brian came out with the consulting guy. Got good estimate for the warehouse move.
Did taxes. Remember why I did them over the Internet for the last couple of years. Except that I’m only getting $20 back, so it doesn’t make sense to do them like that this year.
Have to do taxes over again to make sure I did them right the first time.
Got tickets for the Giants/Dodgers Sunday night. Club Level Baby.
Had a “chat” with Mike tonight. Mike wants to stay here, and basically kicked me out.
I have no money saved up. The point of us moving into a cheaper apartment was so I could start saving money.
Mike thinks that he can find a roommate to take over my $925. He will be lucky if he can find someone to split the rent down the middle. Well, maybe not. It is close to campus. I’m sure someone will be willing to pay half.
Mike forgot that our lease is up at the end of this month, wonder if he can find this person within three weeks.
Need to forget about Mike and worry about myself and find a new place.
Since the warehouse is moving, storing my stuff there is out of the question; will have to rent a storage space somewhere.
Hypothetically, if I slept in my car for a month or crashed at somebody’s house for a month, I could save $1000, which would be enough for me to get a place on my own.
Stayed up to 3am playing Mechwarrior online. I have to work tomorrow and I can’t call it, cause Mark is coming in and not Tim
Thinking about and missing Suzanne right now.
O. K. go to sleep. Think about this tomorrow
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