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**sigh** All right. webcam is

**sigh** All right. webcam is on, and I will stay online for a little while I work on some stuff…
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Weekend Wrap Up, part 2

So after leaving Dennys, I headed to Lesa’s where they (Lesa, Kathy, and Amber) were watching Swimfan. The movie turned into a MST3K session with us giving the movie and the actors in it some chioce commentary. Then we stayed up until 4am talking about everthing under the sun.
The next day, we went to La Bou for breakfast before Kathy had to take off. Amber decided to stay in Sac with us, and so her, me and Kurt went to the pool to lounge in the sun while Lesa was off to see family. Later we headed to Ross for some fun shopping, including playing the Awful underwear game (sorta like Paper/Rock/Scissors; you count to three and then you pull out some underwear from the rack and the ugliest pair wins.) in which I kicked ass in. Also went to Walmart where Amber snagged this really interesting plant called a Budda Belly (I think) and a kite for little Alyssa. After we got back, we picked up Lesa and Alyssa and headed to the Macaroni Grill out in Folsom for dinner. Then later, I took Amber to Fairfield to pick up her car and then I headed home.
I know that the second part of this is much shorter than the first, I’m just feeling really tired and all. I have a lot of stuff going on tomorrow morning, so I think that I will just goto bed (even though I have been taking naps all day long) Yes, I am coming down with another case of depression (when am I not). Anyway, I will talk more about what happen at Lesa’s later this week. Also will upload pictures taken.
**sigh** sleep time now
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Weekend Wrap up, Part 1

So Friday, babysat Brock while Amber W. and Rob went to the Giants game. Total wrestling night, which I though would be great, but in the end I was all wrestled out. Wrestling game, 2 wrestling movies, wrestling reading, wrestling drawings, McDonald’s, and more wrestling. Also made me realize how long I have been watching wrestling and how things have changed.
Saturday afternoon, I drove up to Vacaville to meet April.I stopped by Barry/Gabi’s to see them and to change, but they weren’t home. So I changed in my car (Barry’s neighbors must have liked that) and headed over to April’s. April’s mom was cooking fish, and it smelled over the house. Reminded me of my own mom cooking food. (I have to call them tomorrow, it’s the parent’s anniversary) So left April’s and made a side trip at Starbuck’s for a quick pick-me up, then to DeeDee’s. DeeDee was lookin good as always, and had really good hair going on.
From there, I had to make a side trip to Dixon to visit the pregnant one and her husband. Had presents for all of them, but only brought Barry’s with me. Apparently she was at 3″ and then stopped. After failing to convince her to goto Lesa’s in Sac, I head up to Sac State myself to see Cabaret.
So I get to Shasta Theater in Sac and the show has already started. They had locked the doors and the usher was no where to be seen. It was about 10 min with about 8-10 of us later comers hanging around when the usher finally came. He separated us into couples and singles and just stuck us into any seat, even though it was assign seating, and not general admission. At intermission I was able to find April and got my seat that was 2nd row and close to the action. They were great seats marred by some guy that had bad breath. Not like he had ate a clove of garlic or onions or something, but has in “He had gingivitis or something” breath.
So April’s sister, Miranda was in it. has one of the Kit Kat Girls. Oh man, she was suppose to be the baby of the girls, but with her make up, she looked like the dominatrix of the girls. Really scary looking, but she put on a performance. Overall, the performance was great, I really liked the Emcee and the Kitkat girl numbers. The only problem I had was with the girl that played Sally. When I first saw and heard her, I thought “It’s Annie” (from the musical.) She just didn’t seem to fix the part for some reason. Other than that and bad breath person, it was a great night out.
So I’m watching the show, and Miranda and the Kit Kat girls are dancing around in their lingerie and all. Miranda bends over, and I think “God, look at that ass. It runs in the family.” So the question is, is it O. K. for me to think something like that about the younger sister of an ex-girlfriend? I not fussing over it too much, just something I thought about. Also, April’s other sister, Tisha, was there. Talk about hot; I swear, the Lopez sisters were beat with the beauty stick when they were younger, cause they are all princesses in their own way.
So after the show was over we headed out with Miranda and her boyfriend Alex (beautiful couple; very Hollywood looking i.e. starlet/director couple) to get something to eat. Ended up at Dennycause Miranda couldn’t get into Friday’s(They card under 21 after 10pm). When we sat down, I noticed that the host gave us the menus in this order: DeeDee (black female), Me (black male), April (Filipino female), Miranda (Filipino female), then Alex (Hispanic Male). And it we weren’t sitting in this order at the table; he literally jumped around the table. I’m going to have to remember to notice this when I go out to Denny and other restaurants.
Anyway, Denny’s was fun, but was ruined by what happened has we were leaving. Across the street, some guy got beat up by a group of 6/7 guys. It was horrific made worse by the fact that there were people at the gas station doing nothing about it. It was sick. DeeDee and I instantly whipped out our cell phones, but of course my phone crapped out on me, luckily DeeDee got through.
Overall, it was a great night with the exception of the Denny’s incident. I am glad that I went instead of staying home.
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Rent is due this week
Joe has $900 in his bank account for rent.
Joe usually gets money orders to pay rent
Joe has ATM/Check card.
ATM/Check card can’t be read
You can’t get a money order with a credit card, has to be ATM
Joe could pay rent by credit card.
Except they charge 3% on the transaction.
Hell will freeze over be Joe gives bastards at Park Merced more money than he has too.
Solution: Withdraw $300 for the next three days at no charge ATM
Joe’s bastard credit union will still charge him $1.50, but $4.50 is a lot cheaper than $27
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Having a bad day again….

O.K. Too many thoughts running through my head while alone at work, so I am heading out. Blurty is also acting up, so I think that I am going to shift most of my journaling to this journal.
Time to lock up and get out of here.

Tossed and turned this morning

Tossed and turned this morning about comming into work today. Combination of work that I need to get done and the fact that I would be moving my car around all day cause I don’t have a parking permit finally got me out of bed and I am here at work.
So I have alot of stuff on my mind and alot of stuff to talk about this weekend, but I will wait until I get home to spill it all. I am going to get to work so that I can get out of here.
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Update from Sac

So Far:
Drove to Vacaville
Changed in Car
Saw April, Saw DeeDee
Talked about size (of laptop)
Detoured to Dixon
Had Pregnant lady order me around
Drove to Sac
Saw Cabaret and April’s sisters (WOW)
Saw lil sister get kicked out of Fridays
Got hard looks and talked about gas at Dennys
Saw horrendous (sp?) display of guy getting beat and people doing nothing
Saw horrendous movie Swimfan
Defended pictures
Took pictures
Stayed up to 4am
Woke up at 9am
Had breakfast
Lounged at the pool
And now I’m going shopping while waiting for the baby to appear…

Misc Saturday stuff….

Mobile Astrology: Be open with loved ones. Express yourself boldly.Bring your great vision to life.
Translation: Tell Mike to do the dishes (he’s doing them right now), Wear my gold tiger/dragon shirt tonight, and I should come home afterwards to work on my new site design.
Eva the fortune teller....
Got this from a contest that I signed up for. Had it at work for a month, then decided to bring it home.
“Eva, will I have a wonderful weekend up in Vacaville and Sacramento?”
Eva Says No
“Yeah, what do you know anyway…your movie only made 17 million. 😛
O. K. shower and then laundry….
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The sun is out, the

The sun is out, the skies are clear, the air is fresh; and yet I’m sad, cold, and feel alone.
I think I’m having a “Missing Suzanne” moment….
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Rent frustrations….

Just got through talking to Mike. He talked to Park Merced and got them to drop our rent back to what it is currently for the next year. Except that I HAVE to drop my rent down $200; I can’t afford to pay $925/month anymore. And he is not willing to cover the difference. He wanted to get a third roommate and give them the living room, but I don’t want to do that. Neither of us want to share a room with anyone, so that idea is out the window. **sigh** I’m making this move easy for him, but it’s going to be a pain in the ass for me cause I have to juggle moving here, moving at work, and inventory at work. And then, just now he realizes that he is going to have to pay $400 more for rent next month. He was saying that he would pay my $925 rent and I would pay the $725 that he is paying. He didn’t realize that our rent would go up an extra $200 though, so he would be paying $400. I been telling him this for the last 3 months and he’s been saying that he understood, but he really didn’t, which in the back of my mind I figured he didn’t. Still, this is going to fuck up my plans. I wanted to go and see my family the first week of July, but I know that we are not going to move out until July or even August, regardless of what Mike says. **sigh** I need to find a new job. Wonder if I should find a new roommate too?
Anyway, I have a full weekend planned, so I am not going to worry about it. I should be worrying about it, but I’m not. I’m not going to imagine myself living out of my car, with all of my belonging locked up in a storage place. I’m going to think about the laundry that I have to do. And I’m going to think about the drive to Vacaville to see April and DeeDee. I’m going to think about seeing April’s sister performance in Sac. I’m going to think about hanging out with friends. I’m going to think about maybe welcoming the birth of Marco Adams into the world. Not going to think about the dishes that Mike still hasn’t done yet.
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