Weekend Wrap Up, part 2

So after leaving Dennys, I headed to Lesa’s where they (Lesa, Kathy, and Amber) were watching Swimfan. The movie turned into a MST3K session with us giving the movie and the actors in it some chioce commentary. Then we stayed up until 4am talking about everthing under the sun.
The next day, we went to La Bou for breakfast before Kathy had to take off. Amber decided to stay in Sac with us, and so her, me and Kurt went to the pool to lounge in the sun while Lesa was off to see family. Later we headed to Ross for some fun shopping, including playing the Awful underwear game (sorta like Paper/Rock/Scissors; you count to three and then you pull out some underwear from the rack and the ugliest pair wins.) in which I kicked ass in. Also went to Walmart where Amber snagged this really interesting plant called a Budda Belly (I think) and a kite for little Alyssa. After we got back, we picked up Lesa and Alyssa and headed to the Macaroni Grill out in Folsom for dinner. Then later, I took Amber to Fairfield to pick up her car and then I headed home.
I know that the second part of this is much shorter than the first, I’m just feeling really tired and all. I have a lot of stuff going on tomorrow morning, so I think that I will just goto bed (even though I have been taking naps all day long) Yes, I am coming down with another case of depression (when am I not). Anyway, I will talk more about what happen at Lesa’s later this week. Also will upload pictures taken.
**sigh** sleep time now
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