Daily Archives: March 26, 2003

Was playing online with Barry,

Was playing online with Barry, but his connection was acting weird, so I signed off. Besides, I was getting my butt kicked (but don’t tell him that)
You know, I hate when people call and don’t leave a message or a number. How am I suppose to call you back if you don’t have a number. That’s the thing with me and my cell. If you call my cell, and if I can see your number, I will answer it, regardless of what area code you are in. But if your number is private or doesn’t show up, I won’t pick up. So a tip to anybody calling me with a private number, dial *82 first, then my number so I can see the damn thing. Otherwise I won’t pick up.
Hmmm. I should be working on the plans for the new warehouse; I need to plan where all of the shelving is going to go. The boss is coming out tomorrow so we can visual and brain storm a task list for the move. Yay me!!!
Web cam is on but lights are down so you wont have to look at my non existent man boobs. When I look down, I see A cups. But I tried to take a picture of them, but I couldn’t get a good shot of them. Maybe they are just a POV issue that I have.
**sigh** I wish that I had AutoCAD to work with. Reminds me back to my drafting days, when I was going to be an architect or engineer. What was that, my first or second major. So young back then…
Anyway, if you see me holding paper up, that’s just me tracing stuff from the current floor plan to the new floor plan.
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webcam is on for 30min

webcam is on for 30min until Angel come on.
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Trying to get over the hump…

Been at work for an 1 1/2 hours and hardly got anything done. I am just so drained. **yawn** I have to finish the inventory corrections for the gift department today. Hmm..Maybe I’ll kick it upa notch when Mark gets here. I wonder if it could be because of my eating habits this week (or my lack of eating).