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So my metro did absolutely nothing for you…..

**sigh** another heart impaled by one of the goddesses of beauty. Anyways, some people like shrimp cocktail and some don’t.
My advice; Fly away to paradise and let the angel of your dreams drive you skillfully to heaven. Just make sure you get off before he takes you too high. You want to float down back to earth, not plummet down from the skies. Or are you too high up already?
For my LIED I thank you for your spew. I’ll be waiting for you to return.
**sigh** All right, one too many beers. And having two chocolates with liqueur didn’t help. Off to bed with me.
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Sunday Recap….

Was going to play MW with Kurt and Barry, but they never gave me the IP for the server that they are on. Besides I feel asleep.
Anyway, The rest of the filming went well; should get my DVD in a month or two.
Giants game with Angie went really well, and not just cause of the picture I took. Bob and his wife were really nice and funny. The seats that we had were great also. God, I love the club level. Don’t have to worry about bird crap and rain, order food from your seats, goto the bar and get a drink, and watch a great team play ball.
We actually left at the end of the 11th cause we were getting cold. But we heard the winning run has we were leaving. Came back home and talked to the roommate. The situation still isn’t technically settled, but we worked out new terms. What it comes down too is that I will be paying less for rent. I think that I am still going to look at a couple of places next week that I found on Craigslist that weren’t asking for a deposit. Basically, I’m also in the same situation that Mike is in; that is I have stuff going for the next two months at work that would make it impossible for me to move. So I am stuck here for another year. However, at least I have a life goal, which is to have 2 of my bills paid off and money to move out next year.
O. K. time for me to pass out. Ciao.
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For Everything Else There’s MasterCard….

I caught him in the middle of giving me the finger.  Actually he was trying to sell his tickets cause his wife was sick.
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A Sunny Sunday so far…

But there are dark clouds in the horizon. We’ll see if the game gets rained out or not…
Man I must have been exhausted. I swear I conked out as soon has I hit the pillow. Didn’t realize how long the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts were holding me up. That sugar crash can be a bitch at times.
**yawn** It is cold in my room, and I want to just go back to sleep, but I think that I need to be at the warehouse soon to do the rest of the filming.
Still, I have a little time. Just a short nap.
**burrows self back into warm mink blanket**
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It might look like I

It might look like I am in serious though if you are looking at my webcam
But I’m not. I’m just gassy
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I’m moving to Hollywood….

Well, not really. But who knows? This could be the breakout hit at Sundance next year.
So the filming went really well, according to Peter (the director). It didn’t seem like we took that long, but I was at the warehouse from 9am until 5pm. I guess the beers that had help the time fly by. I took some pictures of the filming, but my camera is too far away for me to get. Also the batteries are recharging and are even further away. So pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. Well I do have some pictures…

The Adams men: Barry, Antonio, and the newest, Marco

The Adams men: Barry, Antonio, and the newest, Marco

The look on Gabi's face is so Gabi; it's priceless
Marco Diego Adams
Mother and child
Antonio holding his new brother; how sweet...
Awww look, Antonio's french kissing his brother...WHAT?!?!?!  ANTONIO, NO.....

So the rest of the day I spent getting over the buzz that I had. Mike left soon after I got back, but I was to drunk to make anything out of it. Still hasn’t said anything about the housing situation. Will talk to him after the Giants game, if there is a Giants game, that is. Hope it doesn’t get rained out. Anyway, I cleaned the kitchen and downstairs, so Mike’s mother shouldn’t say anything. Need to get a drill to hook up the paper towel dispenser that she got the last time she was here. Towards midnight, I watch the police bust the house party being held across the street. No one was shot or arrested. **sigh** How old am I when the biggest thing for me on a Sat. night is cleaning the kitchen and watching 18 get kicked out of a house. Not good.
Anyway, tomorrow we have to go back to finish filming some stuff, then hopefully Angie and I can watch a baseball game, and the after that, showdown with the roommate.
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