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Updating from new home…

The rice cooker is out and this place can officially called home. Yay!
Most of stuff is unpacked, computer is still in pieces however. I will have to get my own DSL however.
**sigh** This is good stuff here. Will take pictures tomorrow and hopefully uploaded next week if I have time.
O.K. got to get back to Trading Spaces on TLC..
Oh yeah, I’m addicted

Complete Success

The move looks to be a complete success. Tim came @ 10:30 and we were done in 2hrs. There was a small scare when I couldn’t get hold of Barbara, but it turns out that the cats pulled the phone out. So I am all moved in, now, I have to unpack everything. FUN. Kinda worried about that since I am in a smaller space and can’t spread things out like I could before. And Pacifica is SO NICE right now. Will def. have to take pictures once I dig out my camera.
So next up is to do some laundry. I have a washer/dryer at my new home, but I am going to the laundry mat to use the big machines for my mink blankets. Eventually I need to go grocery shopping also.
Park Mercerd is filled with people moving out today. I suppose next week, it will be the opposite with people moving into vacated places. Am hoping that Mike will be able to get me a deposit check soon. Going to use it to open an account with WaMu….And to buy a new hard drive. Maybe…Grrrr….I want to…**sigh** We’ll see.
Updating from Park Merced, and wondering if they will deactivate my card. Hopefully they won’t and I’ll be able use their gym. We’ll see what happens…
Oh yeah, I won a prize at Noah’s Bagels. I stopped there to get some breakfast and they had this prize wheel, so I bought some tickets and won free dozen bagels every month for a year. Ya me.
So many things that I want/need to talk about. But I think that I just want to go to my new home and start to experience it.
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No Friday Five…

Don’t have enough time to think about my answer for this weeks questions.
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3.2.1. Begin Operation Personal Move

Decided to post now since I probably won’t get a chance anytime after this.
Woke up this morning full of axienty(sp?). Not sure why, since I am a pro at moving (I should be anyway). Once I got to work and got some food into me, I began to feel better.
I think that I will have to make two trips to completely move. If I remember correctly, I was barely able to get all of my stuff in the van the last time that I moved. I don’t have that much more stuff, but the bookcase is big. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll bring some stuff here to the warehouse to and then bring it home with me a little at a time.
I downloaded graduation pictures on to the computer here at work, but they need serious photoshop before they can be seen. Oh well, graduates will just have to wait.
Oh yeah, walking home, I ran into Mia Green and her sister Kim. Mia’s going off to the east coast for her PhD. (I think). For all the headache Mia has given me over the years, I am happy for her and I wish nothing but the best for her.
O.K. Too much stuff going on that I need to do. Oh yeah, the bad news. i might be without DSL for 2 weeks when we move. Can you believe it? We are just moving next door, don’t understand why it would take that long to transfer the DSL. **sigh** If I didn’t go through withdrawls before, I will def. be going through them soon.
O.K. Gots works to do.
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Michael Greenberg…

Short entry about my roommate. LJ was acting up, so I posted it on my site (
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New Late 70’s chairs…

Highlight of today was driving down to Stanford to grab 30 late 70’s model chairs for the bookstore. This included getting a U-Haul truck with a lawnmower engine in it, almost having to get out to push the danm thing, enjoying the weather and the women of Stanford enjoying the weather, and the chair feeding frenzy when we got to the store. Too much excitement over some old chairs, if you ask me.
Well at least I got my Elvis CD today…**Bad Elvis voice** “Thank ya, Thank ya very much”
Was at the U-Haul place, and they had a picture of this happy family packing, and then the family was in the truck all smiles. Obviously they were pumping in some Nitrous into that truck, cause no one is ever that happy moving.
BTW, I am ready to move and to get it over with.
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The afro is getting a little out of control….

Really need to think about getting an haircut. Been picking the afro while I work for an hour now. Something to muse over….
Both moves are starting to stress me out. Personal move, I can’t get a hold of the Park Merced service dept so I can get someone to cut the bannister to get my bed out. Everything else is just about done. Also trying to reschedule the electrician to an earlier date. **cross fingers** Has usual, I’m waiting until the last minute to pack the computer. Even with no internet, I have to have it availiable to me. Warehouse move, the company that is suppose to supply us with shelving is driving me crazy cause they haven’t shipped yet. AAARRGGHHH….Otherwise move is proceeding smoothly.
Hmmm…I’ve had thoughts running through my head, but haven’t the opportunity to put them down. When I was at the business ctr., there was always someone behind me waiting on a computer. Now that I have the time (well, not really, but I’m making time) to put them down, I’m reluctant. I think if it wasn’t for all the stuff that is going on, I would be in a depressive mood.
I want someone to play with my hair…either just to comb and pick it for me, to run their fingers through it (well try to anyway), to braid it or make twisties all over it, or to grab it and pull my head to their crotch…you know, whatever you want to do….
O.K., got an hour left of work…
I’ve wanted to update more
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Change of address

**Posting this here cause I am not sure if it got emailed**
I got a new regular mail address. After June 9th, please send all regular mail to:
1825 Egbert Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124
Also, I’ve disconnected my home phone line (415)333-5504. I still have my cell phone if you need to call me (415)640-7932. Don’t have DSL right now, but I can still check mail at work and at the library. Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend and I will talk to you later.
Joe R.
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End of the weekend, beginning of hell….

Well, it’s the last day of the weekend. From this point on, my life is just busy, busy, busy. This Saturday is my move to Pacifica, then next Saturday is the warehouse move. Later on at the end of the month is inventory. Crazy crazy crazy I tell you.
Anyway, everything is just about boxed up and is sitting downstairs in the living room. Just need to move my bookcase, my dresser, my computer desk, and my bed down. Need to remember to call Park Merced tomorrow to arrange the cutting of the banister. What move is this, 6, 7, 8? Who knows? I know that it won’t be the last, just wonder how long I will stay here in this place.
Mom called me to let me know that she sprained her foot. Apparently, she fell down the stairs or something. I told her to goto the hospital and get it checked out. **sigh** Planning on going up to see them in July. Didn’t find my drink tickets while cleaning my room. Wonder if I can get some from Mew; she flying around all the time.
Nothing else is going on with me. Manager’s meeting tomorrow. Got no money until Friday, that should be fun. Off to Borders for awhile I guess…
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mid weekend update….

Spent the day getting over graduation. Man, my body is still sore from working. Anyway, got enough energy to goto Tanforan Mall to pay my JCPennys bill, but started feeling sick when I got there, so I headed back home and spent most of the day in bed under my blankets. Of course, I also got enough energy to drive up to the business ctr. to update. Anyway, I think that it’s the cold foggy weather that is making me feel so sick and down. Maybe it’s also the neighborhood; now that schools out for the summer, the area is so quiet, and the fog doesn’t help with the mood.
Anyway, a week left in the month and before I move. Of course I have no money, so it looks like Cup Ramen for the rest of the week before I move. I think the first thing that I will have to do is laundry. Need to go home and pull out clothes for the week and pack everything else. Mike has disappeared for the weekend, so I have the house to myself for one last week. Would take pictures or something if I hadn’t left my camera in the van at work. **sigh**
I wonder if my card will still work when I leave here. Something to think about.
What else? Nothing planned for tomorrow but to finish packing and bring furniture down. Need to clean the marks off of the walls too. One more week…
Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend…
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