End of the weekend, beginning of hell….

Well, it’s the last day of the weekend. From this point on, my life is just busy, busy, busy. This Saturday is my move to Pacifica, then next Saturday is the warehouse move. Later on at the end of the month is inventory. Crazy crazy crazy I tell you.
Anyway, everything is just about boxed up and is sitting downstairs in the living room. Just need to move my bookcase, my dresser, my computer desk, and my bed down. Need to remember to call Park Merced tomorrow to arrange the cutting of the banister. What move is this, 6, 7, 8? Who knows? I know that it won’t be the last, just wonder how long I will stay here in this place.
Mom called me to let me know that she sprained her foot. Apparently, she fell down the stairs or something. I told her to goto the hospital and get it checked out. **sigh** Planning on going up to see them in July. Didn’t find my drink tickets while cleaning my room. Wonder if I can get some from Mew; she flying around all the time.
Nothing else is going on with me. Manager’s meeting tomorrow. Got no money until Friday, that should be fun. Off to Borders for awhile I guess…
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