Daily Archives: May 3, 2003

It’s what it’s all about….

Good Baseball, Great Friends, garlic fries and a beer

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Lights, camera, action

Webcamis on
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Nope, nadda, no way, absolutely uh-uh

I should be looking at ads for Craigslist. – I’m not.
I should be cleaning my room. – I’m not.
I should be trying to ad Songwriter to my website. – I’m not
I should be downloading pictures from the game. – I’m not
I should feel ashamed or bad about my procrastination – I’m not.
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What a day….

Wonderful time at Pac Bell Park. Started out raining, but after an hour rain delay, it cleared all up. Am exhausted though, time for a nap.
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Might as well update while I’m here

Went to the Century theathers in Daly City (the new one in Daly City next to the BART station) with Angie to see X2; it was her birthday present to me. We were going to goto Fudgeruckers (sp?) to eat, even after the experience that I had there (will link later). Howerver, the lines looked really long, so we decided to go in and have movie food.
The first thing about Century Theathers is that they don’t take ATM or credit card. No you have to go into the lobby and use an BOA ATM to get money. Hello, 21st. centruy is knockin at your door with a credit card machine. Think you should take it.
Anyway, so we go up and get our food and the place is just a mess. I realise that it’s a Friday and big movie is coming out, but still they could have gotten someone to mop the floor so it wouldn’t have been sticky.
So we get in and are waiting the 30min for the movie to start. Instead of having their own station with B-C grade pop/AC music, we get Mosak. And also, the ads were really bad; hardly any movie trivia stuff. But we did learn that anyone that is under 5′ gets 50% off their meal at Todai. Why 5′?
Another thing about Century is that they will let you bring in whatever food you want into the place, you don’t have to sneak it in. People carrying boxes of pizza; talkin about XL size, not personal. What else, there was Fudgeruckers, Quizzno’s, and someone had a huge ass burritto that looked good.
So the movie is starting and these bebe kids come in 5 min after the movie starts and are expecting to get seats together somewhere in the middle of the theather that we are in. Please. And then they had the nerve to yell out for their friend.
Then later in the movie, somebody cell rung. Hello, is it THAT HARD to turn your fucking cell off before the movie.
It didn’t help my movie experience that my brother was calling me though the movie, AFTER I CALLED HIM AND LEFT HIM A MESSAGE SAYING THAT I WAS WATCHING A MOVIE AND TO CALL ME TOMORROW. So I had to endure what seemed to be an eternity of my cell vibrating silently in my pocket.
BTW, X2 was really really good.
The kicker of the night was when we were leaving the theather and walked into the lobby and into a stink cloud. I’m talking about some sick smelling stuff that made me gag. And it just like clinged to us for about 50′ before it let go of our nostrils. Horendus.(sp?)
From now on, I only watch movies in SF at either AMC or Metreon.
O.K. Need to go home and look for my wallet. And goto Giants game.
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Boycotting Century Theathers

Yes I am. Will go into more detail tomorrow. And the words Ghetto, Bebe Kids, and Stink Bomb will be in the entry.
At least X2 was good.
Tomorrow, going with Amber, Rob, and Juan to see the Giants vs….Cincinnati. Have to arrive early to get our Barry Bonds pins. This is if it doesn’t get rained out.
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