Daily Archives: May 27, 2003

The afro is getting a little out of control….

Really need to think about getting an haircut. Been picking the afro while I work for an hour now. Something to muse over….
Both moves are starting to stress me out. Personal move, I can’t get a hold of the Park Merced service dept so I can get someone to cut the bannister to get my bed out. Everything else is just about done. Also trying to reschedule the electrician to an earlier date. **cross fingers** Has usual, I’m waiting until the last minute to pack the computer. Even with no internet, I have to have it availiable to me. Warehouse move, the company that is suppose to supply us with shelving is driving me crazy cause they haven’t shipped yet. AAARRGGHHH….Otherwise move is proceeding smoothly.
Hmmm…I’ve had thoughts running through my head, but haven’t the opportunity to put them down. When I was at the business ctr., there was always someone behind me waiting on a computer. Now that I have the time (well, not really, but I’m making time) to put them down, I’m reluctant. I think if it wasn’t for all the stuff that is going on, I would be in a depressive mood.
I want someone to play with my hair…either just to comb and pick it for me, to run their fingers through it (well try to anyway), to braid it or make twisties all over it, or to grab it and pull my head to their crotch…you know, whatever you want to do….
O.K., got an hour left of work…
I’ve wanted to update more
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