mid weekend update….

Spent the day getting over graduation. Man, my body is still sore from working. Anyway, got enough energy to goto Tanforan Mall to pay my JCPennys bill, but started feeling sick when I got there, so I headed back home and spent most of the day in bed under my blankets. Of course, I also got enough energy to drive up to the business ctr. to update. Anyway, I think that it’s the cold foggy weather that is making me feel so sick and down. Maybe it’s also the neighborhood; now that schools out for the summer, the area is so quiet, and the fog doesn’t help with the mood.
Anyway, a week left in the month and before I move. Of course I have no money, so it looks like Cup Ramen for the rest of the week before I move. I think the first thing that I will have to do is laundry. Need to go home and pull out clothes for the week and pack everything else. Mike has disappeared for the weekend, so I have the house to myself for one last week. Would take pictures or something if I hadn’t left my camera in the van at work. **sigh**
I wonder if my card will still work when I leave here. Something to think about.
What else? Nothing planned for tomorrow but to finish packing and bring furniture down. Need to clean the marks off of the walls too. One more week…
Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend…
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