New Late 70’s chairs…

Highlight of today was driving down to Stanford to grab 30 late 70’s model chairs for the bookstore. This included getting a U-Haul truck with a lawnmower engine in it, almost having to get out to push the danm thing, enjoying the weather and the women of Stanford enjoying the weather, and the chair feeding frenzy when we got to the store. Too much excitement over some old chairs, if you ask me.
Well at least I got my Elvis CD today…**Bad Elvis voice** “Thank ya, Thank ya very much”
Was at the U-Haul place, and they had a picture of this happy family packing, and then the family was in the truck all smiles. Obviously they were pumping in some Nitrous into that truck, cause no one is ever that happy moving.
BTW, I am ready to move and to get it over with.
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