The Fabulous Book Of Questions: Questions of Youth

What cartoon character did you like the best when you were younger?

I think I tended to like the bad guys better than the good guys when it came to cartoons. I remember always cheering for Dr. Claw in Inspector Gadget, always wanting him to capture Gadget (Although that book computer that Penny had was what I really wanted from that show.) Another example were The Transformers; Optimus Prime was O.K., hated Bumblebee, but loved Megatron, Shockwave, Soundwave, and worshiped Starscream. I know I am weird.
If we stick to Amer. Classic Cartoons, I would have to say that the ducks were my favorite (Donald and Daffy) I really don’t like Mickey Mouse. I mean, he has no personality at all. Pluto has more personality than Mickey. And yet Mickey is the head honcho and Donald is regulated to sidekick. Has for the WB cast, Bugs has personality and talent, however Daffy is still my favorite (Duck Dodgers is a classic in my book).
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