The necklace breaks…..

I grab on to his wrists from behind and hold on for dear life as he throws me to the ground….
So begins another day in Aikido….
I should have known that it was going to fall off or get broken.
But I had to have it on me somewhere, somehow.
Maybe I should have tied it around my ankle…
Naw, they would have saw that.
So I tied it around my belt.
Maybe I should have kept it in the front.
Naw they would have saw that too
So around the back it went.
In hindsight, if I would have learned to roll properly
The necklace would probably still be around my neck today
Instead of in pieces on the floor and in the paper towel
that I put the pieces that I could find on the floor.
Has sad as I am over this, I have no time to mourn over it.
It’s just some necklace, right. Besides I have school classes to fail, right.
I wonder if it is a sign of some kind. Thanks to my depressive state
I see signs in everything from tea leaves to the pieces of crap that floats in the toilet.
Back in the 6th or 7th grade (damn , that was back in Korea) we had some kind of assembly or something where we learned to juggle. It was only silk scarves, but I was able to juggle a lot of them, I think it was 8 or more. I was also able to juggle the beanbags. Moving forward to the present, a couple of days ago at work, me and the guys are trying to juggle tape balls. Pete and Tim can get a couple going for a sec or two. But I cant even juggle one. (I would throw it up and then I would always miss it, or I would run into something.) I wonder if this is a sign for the way my life is going…….
Current mood: sad
Current music: Casey (My housemate) messing around in the kitchen

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