Are people going to have a field day about this…

I shouldn’t have made the first comment…
I def. shouldn’t have made the second one…
I honestly thought that she would have called me sometime tonight so that we could talk this thing out.
As much has I just want to hide under my bed and run away from this, there is a bigger part of me that wants to be with her and work through this. But I think that this is something between her and I, not with the rest of the LJ community,
Now I know you all want to tell me that I’m a bastard and stuff; well you can go ahead and do that. But what I would like to ask the community is that they let us work out any problems that we have without their assistance. Thank You.
Suzanne, please call me tomorrow so that we can talk about this. I don’t hate you. What I am is scared and confused. What I will always be is in love with you. When you are ready to talk, please call me.
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