Yes, may I please have a second helping of crap….

So Amber is going to be on crutches for 9-10 weeks according to early reports. That totally sucks. That means that neither her or Rob can drive at all. Oh man talk about Muni hell….
The second thing is that I got a letter from The Village saying that I am going to be evicted cause I don’t have enough units. I have 10 units instead of 12 cause I’m on probation still. Great….
Well, there are two Holistic Health classes that are being taught in April on a Sat that are 3 units. Only $450; just add it to everything else that I have to pay. I think this is God’s way of saying no new computer for me. So, I guess the game plan is that on Mon, I have to go and convince them to let me stay with only 10 units. If that doesn’t work, them I have to see if they will let me stay if I get the 12 units. Then I have to go through the dean and convince her to let me take the extra units since I am still on probation. Then I have to come up with the $450 and be able to enroll into the class. It sounds like a plan, but right now, I just want to get into the bath and cry right now.
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