just took a purity test…

Holding steady at 39% pure/61 unpure. I’m tied for 3rd place for unpurist person of th day.
I let Peter go home early, since all that we are doing is cleaning. I want to go early too, but since I was late getting to work today, I’ll guess I will stay til 5pm.
Go my rebate check from Intuit; I want to go up and cash it and to see Suzanne, but I have homework I need to do. Mainly I have to decide wht I am going to do my semseter paper on. Suzanne thinks that I should do it on Pearl Harbor (since we saw the preview for the movie on Sat.) I said no at first, but I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I will look into it to see if I can do it.
O.K. Let me clean up the mess that I made so I can get out of here at 5pm.
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