Doris Troy…

That’s the singer for the Just One Look/Pepsi commercial. And the guys actually have an MP3 of it on their computer.
Going to call Park Merced in a last ditch effort to see if we can find something. Went to their website and saw that they are having a 2 month rent free special. Not sure it that is for new tennents only or what, but if we could get that deal, then maybe there would be a chance of staying, at least in the same area. I really should move to someplace else, except that I have way too much on my place and this would give me time to start saving money. Anyway, if it doesn’t pan out, then I have the 30-day notice typed out and ready to hand in.
Went out to lunch with Amy yesterday. Corn Pie, Lilo & Stitch, Mercedes, and shopping were just a few of the topics discussed. It was a good time out and another one needs to be planned. Maybe bowling?
And stupid Yahoo! Graffiti isn’t working on my computer at work. AARRGGHHH!!!! Damn old iMac; hmmm wonder if I could finangle a new one. Probably not. Guess that means I have to go back to work. 😛
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