A mixed morning so far…

Woke up to Mike’s mom blow drying her hair and banging every pot and pan in the kitchen this morning. Fun.
However, I already have several people interested in the futon and the table/chairs. Whoohoo.
I really don’t want to look for a new place. I’m actually dreading it. Think that I’m going to go back to bed for a little while longer instead.
Oh, I remember the other things. Before the hair drying I woke up from a dream that Suzanne was next to me and I was rubbing my hand up her inner thigh and playing with her hidden treasure. That is the name that I was referring to in the dream; not pussy or clit, I called it her hidden treasure. **sigh** Too bad it was a dream.
Also had a dream that Tim spent the night and he was leaving early. The moon was just coming out and he was showing me a trick with my car. And I had peed on myself for some reason.
O. K. Back to bed to see what else I can dream up.
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