Preparing for my indie acting debut….

So this Saturday, I am helping a friend with his movie that he is filming. So tonight was kind of a run down of what we are going to do. Met some of the people that work at Polly Ester’s; good peoples all around. Sandra is especially hot. Anyway, I got tipsy off of a beer and some of those chocolates with the liqueur in them. God, being poor has made me a real lightweight when it comes to drinking.
Anyway, Mew is suppose to call me if I gave her the right phone number to call. Last time I talked to my brother, I accidentally gave him the warehouse number to call. What else? Busy day tomorrow with the boss and a consultant about the warehouse move. **sigh** I honestly don’t think that we can fit everything into the new warehouse.
O. K. Web cam is on. Either working on site or answering more questions. Oh yeah, from now on, my journal will be littered with questions and their answers from The Book of Questions, The Book of Questions:Love & Sex, or the Book of Faboulus Questions. Trying to make them at least 500 word answers working my way to 1000. It’s kinda sad that I’m starting out so low, but hopefully, I get to 1000 quickly. I guess it doesn’t matter on the quantity, but the quality, right? Also might be working on my MP3 collection. I need to get rid of some stuff to fit the new music on to it.
One more thing, might as well pimp out the Amazon wish list once again. O.K. I will be pimping this thing until my birthday. Just because it is on the list doesn’t mean you have to get it at Amazon. If you can get it cheaper at Walmart,or Rasputin,or anywhere else, I don’t mind. I just want the gift.
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