Back at the Fairfield Library….

Waiting for Suzanne to get out of work. Spent the last hour reading for my reformation class; still confused as hell. But I found out that the paper isn’t due until next week. I was going to work on my U.S. Hist paper, but I left the paper topics at home.
It seems like everybody came to visit Suzanne at work. Kabuki stopped by today and so did Joe_Black and Convalesce (sp?). Except the guys were too scared to talk to her for some reason. Anyway, Suzanne said that they are going out to karaoke tonight. Sounds like fun and I wish that we could go with them. But I will have to get back tonight to start typing out my paper. And Suzanne didnt’ get invited; but I don’t think that they would mind if she came along. But Suzanne said that April was also going, so that could be why they didn’t invite her. I don’t know, I think that we could have a good time, regardless of the stuff that has gone down with April and I. If nothing else, we can be civil around each other; **sigh** part of me really wants to go out. But I need to put school first. Besides, we are going out next week for St. Pat’s Day. O.k. time to meet my girl at work
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